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We are ultimate the South Africa steel company


Our products include cold rolled, flat, galvanized, electric resistance and picked steel. We offer competitive products in South Africa andour success mechanisms have enabled us to obtain recognition from hundreds of clients. Our end products are sold by major wholesalers or retailers and our steel products are used in commercial or industrial buildings. we also offer products to be used in oil, studs, water or automotive tubing.

  • Our performance is enhanced by our one time logistics
  • We provide trouble free deliveries anywhere in the country.
  • Our team of professionals provides friendly services.
  • We have excellent customer care services.
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our skills

Today, we have different distributing channels all over the country. Our products are now imported to the western world and the U.S. We are dedicated to reach greater levels of quality and sustainability. Our offices are located within 20 miles of Johannesburg.

fast details

Client Satisfaction

We ensure that all our clients are treated fairly and they are provided with all their needs. We are dedicated our rates are affordable.

Observe Present & Future

We observe all the environmental regulations and consider the present and the future of the environment for a better society.


Economic Effectiveness

We anticipate on major developments and offer solutions for your time, terms, financial information and capital. We therefore work to accomplish major developments and anticipate major benefits

100% Safe

We are certified and our standards are 100% guaranteed. We also deal with staff training and all our client base irregularities on the work done.

Major Partnerships & Relations

We have long term partnerships with our major suppliers and we have grown with our major partners. Our suppliers also meet all the required criteria plus they have all been re- evaluated




Our chief executive officer studied Business Administration at Harvard University. He has 20 years working experience and has worked with Denton Projects since 1988. He has also worked as a steel working engineer in Ohio. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Civil engineering.


Executive Vice President

Bernardez has served as chief executive vice president for a very long time. He has worked with Denton Projects for 10 years. He earlier worked as a Business developer in SBC and has also held a position in the finance ministry of the South African government.

Allen Boaz

Chief Accountant

Allen Boaz has worked as our chief accountant for a couple of years. He oversees financial strategies of all the business segments. He is knowledgeable and experienced in steel production and steel milling. He holds a masters degree in Mechanical engineering.


Mr. Greg

Corporate Secretary

Mr. Greg has served as the secretary to our CEO since 2008. In 1992 to 1999, he served as a director in Spree Steel industry. He is concerned in training of the staff and also enhancing good international relation with our suppliers.

Ms. Mills


Since August 2001, Ms. Mills has been overseeing operations of Denton steel projects. She is also the overall manager of all the shipping and logistic operations of the company, where she is responsible for signing contracts and ensuring all the protocols are followed to the latter. He studied oversees and is a graduate of Xavier University. He holds a master’s degree in Mechanical engineering.


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